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Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible Gambling

At the heart of our business philosophy is ensuring we provide our customers with an environment that is enjoyable at the same time as being safe and responsible. At Genting Casinos we are passionate to ensure that our customers enjoy gaming in an atmosphere that is firmly established on the values of respect, responsibility and professionalism. For our “Play it Safe” policy, click here.

Our People - Equal Opportunities

Genting Casinos are committed to supporting the principle of equal opportunities for all and the belief that all employees have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We will select, promote and train the most suitable person for the job, based solely upon their qualifications, skill and experience for the work to be performed.

Local Communities

We are and always want to be an integral part of the local communities where we reside, and aim to be a responsible corporate citizen. This includes minimising any impact our business may have on our neighbours and our staff regularly fund-raise for local charities as we encourage them to identify local causes that they want to support.

Environmental Policy

Genting UK is committed to proactively managing and minimising its environmental impact through the adoption of a corporate strategy. As a minimum Genting UK will meet all legislative environmental targets and will endeavour to adopt best practice wherever practicable.

Working at Genting

Career Opportunities

Your career route through our organisation can be wide, varied and interesting with no two pathways being the same. There are a number of departments in our venues and offices with a variety of exciting and challenging roles in each. Working together, these teams help us to deliver the overall customer experience in our business.

We are proud to support the development of people at all levels, whether that’s to learn new skills to work in another department or to progress to higher positions. Here is just a flavor of the types of great opportunities that can be available within our company.


Gaming is our core business driver and the department where most of our Casino Managers gained their skills, knowledge and experience. The roles available within our Gaming department can include: Dealer (Croupier), Electronic gaming Host, Gaming Machine Technician, Senior Dealer, Inspector, Pit Boss, Card Room Manager, Gaming Manager and General Manager.


A crucial part of the memorable experience we look to provide all of our customers with is hospitality. Here your main aim will be to combine your product knowledge, ability and attitude to ensure customer delight. The roles available within our Hospitality department are Bar Person, Valet Service, Kitchen Team Member, Hospitality Team Leader, Chef, Head Chef, Bar Manager, Restaurant manager and Hospitality Manager.

Support Functions

We also have a variety of corporate opportunities in areas such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Product Development, Technical Services, Legal and Administration. These can include regional and field based roles and all teams work closely with their casino based colleagues.